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The Fire Hose

Below is a list of articles on software development, software engineering and software testing. Some of the articles are old and have historic value. The list contains classics such as No Silver Bullet by Brooks, Design and Code Inspections by Fagan or Software Engineering by Boehm. Others are new and treat topical subjects.

The list is published for a number reasons.

  • All of the articles below can be found on the internet in PDF format. There are a lot of articles (and knowledge) locked behind the paid subscriptions of for example the ACM or the IEEE. The articles below are available to every software professional.
  • Because they are articles they focus mainly on a single topic and can be read in a lot less time than for example a book. This makes it easier to access the knowledge contained.
  • The articles offer a wide range of perspectives on software development. I did not limit myself to software testing or to a certain school of thought.
All in all this means that the overview can be used in many different ways. It can be useful in generating ideas or in producing insight into the range of topics within software development. It can be used as a source for further study or as a starting point for discussions, I hope you enjoy the ride!

Adventures in Session-Based Testing