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About the company

Testing References gathers and researches knowledge in the field of software testing and publishes structured information on software testing such as the History of Software Testing, an overview of testing weblogs and an overview of testing literature.

Mission statement

Testing References intends to present a comprehensive overview of the knowledge contained in the field of software testing in order to advance the development of the craft.

Testing References is inspired by a presentation by Lee Copeland (The Nine Forgettings (StarWest 2007)). In the introduction to the presentation mr. Copeland says the following.

The presentation is really inspired by a series of consulting engagements where I asked similar questions over and over again and got answers that bothered me.
I would ask people things like "What's your favorite book on software testing?" and they would uniformly respond "I've never read a book on software testing.".
Then they claimed to be professionals and wanted recognition as a professional discipline but they seemed to be ignorant of their craft.


The History of Software Testing is created in cooperation with Dorothy Graham.

The history in Portuguese

The History of Software Testing is also available in Portuguese. Click here for the PDF document. The Portuguese version is made available by Emerson Rios, chairman of the Brazilian association for software testing ALATS.