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Latest news from the data science blogs.

[KDnuggets] Ten Key Lessons of Implementing Recommendation Systems in Business
[InData Labs] The use of artificial intelligence in real estate
[DataMites] What is the Python Course Fee in Bangalore?
[KDnuggets] Hidden Technical Debts Every AI Practitioner Should be Aware of
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[Analytics India Magazine] What is cosine similarity and how is it used in machine learning?
[Dataversity] Why Isn’t Privacy by Design a Panacea for Data Breaches?
[Analytics India Magazine] What makes a feature interpretable
[Analytics India Magazine] Finally, a language model that does Maths
[Analytics India Magazine] All you need to know about log loss in machine learning
[KDnuggets] N-gram Language Modeling in Natural Language Processing
[Analytics India Magazine] Loyalytics is certified as a Best Firm For Data Scientists
[KDnuggets] Simple Salary Guide for Tech Experts 2022
[Analytics India Magazine] Genpact is the training ground for future analytics leaders
[KDnuggets] KDnuggets News, July 6: 12 Essential Data Science VSCode Extensions; Statistics and Probability for Data Science
[Analytics India Magazine] Enough with the AI washing!
[Dataversity] Data Science Tools: Smart Assistants for Data Analytics
[Dataversity] AI: The Key That Unlocks Clinical Trials and Matches Patients with Prospective Therapies
[Analytics India Magazine] What is pruning in tree based ML models and why is it done?
[Data Science Central] DSC Weekly 05 July 2022: Standardizing a Metaverse
[Data Science Central] Wanna become Value-driven? Time for a Culture Shift!
[InData Labs] Artificial intelligence strategy to transform your business successfully
[DataRobot AI Cloud] Location AI: The Next Generation of Geospatial Analysis
[KDnuggets] Data Preparation in R Cheatsheet
[KDnuggets] Developing an Open Standard for Analytics Tracking
[Counting Stuff] Optimizing for personal portability
[KDnuggets] Linear Regression for Data Science
[Analytics India Magazine] Want to build a career in Artificial Intelligence? Attend this webinar to get all your queries answered
[Analytics India Magazine] Council Post: Leveraging data science and analytics for social good 
[Analytics India Magazine] Everyone is Open Sourcing their Language Models, so does this Russian Search Engine
[Analytics India Magazine] RBI is making IT outsourcing tougher for Banks, and that’s a good thing
[Data Science Central] Education Trends 2022: Data Science in schools
[Data Science Central] Databricks open sourcing delta lake is good news for AI 
[Dataversity] Demystifying Metadata Management for Tech and Business
[Analytics India Magazine] Torcharrow: A PyTorch framework for CPU-based large data processing
[Analytics India Magazine] Why use deconvolution layers in deep learning?
[Analytics India Magazine] Data science training institutes that started in the COVID era
[Data Science Central] DSC Weekly 28 June 2022: Strokes, AI and Cognition
[KDnuggets] Top Posts June 27 – July 3: Statistics and Probability for Data Science
[KDnuggets] Free Python Crash Course
[KDnuggets] Machine Learning Model Management
[Analytics India Magazine] Databricks gives away its data Lake product for free, but why?
[KDnuggets] 12 Essential VSCode Extensions for Data Science
[Analytics India Magazine] Is Hermit the new Pegasus?
[Analytics India Magazine] Why is the fairness in recommender systems required?
[Analytics India Magazine] Enhancing Data Governance Capabilities with Databricks’ Delta Live Tables
[Analytics India Magazine] AIM Launches The Campus Ambassador Program
[Analytics India Magazine] Are data scientists moving away from Jupyter Notebooks?
[Analytics India Magazine] Build your first machine learning model with Big Query ML
[Analytics India Magazine] 8 Alternatives of Gradient Descent in Machine Learning
[Mozart Data Blog] Nine Best Data Security Practices for Managing Customer Data
[DataMites] Why Data Science Matters and How it powers Businesses?
[KDnuggets] Linear Machine Learning Algorithms: An Overview
[Analytics India Magazine] IIT Mandi announces 2 year MBA program in data science & AI
[Analytics India Magazine] Council Post: Why FSI enterprises should invest in Data Reliability Engineering
[Dataversity] 3 Signs That Your Data Is Trapped in Silos
[Analytics India Magazine] Top 10 data engineering courses in 2022
[Dataversity] How Data Reliability Engineering Can Solve Today’s Data Challenges
[Analytics India Magazine] Anaconda wants to chew into the market of Google Colab
[Analytics India Magazine] AI & sci-fi movies we loved on Netflix
[Databricks] Open Sourcing All of Delta Lake
[Databricks] Recap of Databricks Machine Learning announcements from Data & AI Summit
[Appsilon] ML Data Labeling: Cleaning ML Labels for Biodiversity Projects
[KDnuggets] 7 Steps to Mastering Python for Data Science
[DataMites] What does the Future hold for Data Science?
[KDnuggets] Making Sense of CRISP-ML(Q): The Machine Learning Lifecycle Process
[Analytics India Magazine] Webinar Alert! Understand how to power applications for the data-driven economy
[Dataversity] Challenges of Data Governance in a Multi-Cloud World
[Dataversity] Training a Machine Learning Model to Build a Predictive Web Application in Three Easy Steps
[Analytics India Magazine] Open-sourcing simulators for driverless cars
[Databricks] Designing a Java Connector for Delta Sharing Recipient
[Databricks] Introducing MLflow Pipelines with MLflow 2.0
[Databricks] Delta Live Tables Announces New Capabilities and Performance Optimizations
[Databricks] Top 5 Workflows Announcements at Data + AI Summit
[Databricks] Connect From Anywhere to Databricks SQL
[KDnuggets] Top 5 Data Management Platforms
[Analytics India Magazine] Highlights of the new PyTorch v1.12
[KDnuggets] Statistics and Probability for Data Science
[Analytics India Magazine] Small AI labs in a world of tightening funds
[KDnuggets] KDnuggets News, June 29: 20 Basic Linux Commands for Data Science Beginners; Market Data and News: A Time Series Analysis
[Analytics India Magazine] Council Post: Verticalisation of AI platforms – how to move from horizontal
[Dataversity] How to Become a Data Engineer
[Analytics India Magazine] Language-aligned datasets are the rate limiter for AI progress
[Dataversity] Data Observability and Its Impact on the Data Operations Lifecycle
[Analytics India Magazine] XOR problem with neural networks: An explanation for beginners
[Analytics India Magazine] Can AI develop a personality?
[Databricks] What’s New With Databricks Unity Catalog at the Data & AI Summit 2022
[Databricks] Introducing Databricks Marketplace
[Databricks] Introducing Data Cleanrooms for the Lakehouse
[KDnuggets] Step up your Python game with Fast Python for Data Science!
[Databricks] Project Lightspeed: Faster and Simpler Stream Processing With Apache Spark
[Databricks] Databricks SQL Serverless Now Available on AWS
[KDnuggets] Essential Math for Data Science: Eigenvectors and Application to PCA
[Analytics India Magazine] Lentra acquires AI startup TheDataTeam to accelerate digital lending platform business
[InData Labs] Data warehouse automation: what to know and when to apply
[Analytics India Magazine] 100 most influential AI leaders in India — 2022
[Counting Stuff] Dashboards don't break themselves
[KDnuggets] 24 SQL Questions You Might See on Your Next Interview
[Analytics India Magazine] Hiring Hackathon – Data Engineering Championship ends successfully — Meet the winners who cracked the code
[Analytics India Magazine] SAS acquires risk tech innovation company Kamakura
[Dataversity] Machine Learning Best Practices
[Dataversity] Maximizing ERP Systems with AI and Wide Data
[Analytics India Magazine] 10 conditions when tree-based machine learning models should be avoided
[Mozart Data Blog] Taking Action with Data to Survive a Downturn
[Databricks] Databricks’ 2022 Global Partner Awards
[Data Science Central] Data & Analytics Regression Playbook: Make Your Data Work Harder…And Smarter!
[Databricks] Announcing the Winners for the 2022 Databricks Data Team Awards
[Dataversity] DAS Webinar: Business Intelligence & Data Analytics– An Architected Approach
[Dataversity] DAS Slides: Business Intelligence & Data Analytics– An Architected Approach
[Databricks] Inspiring Innovation With Data & AI: Announcing the Finalists for the 2022 Databricks Data Team Visionary Award
[KDnuggets] Data Preparation with SQL Cheatsheet
[KDnuggets] How to Stay Current in Python
[DataRobot AI Cloud] Automating Model Risk Compliance: Model Monitoring
[KDnuggets] Top Posts June 20-26: 20 Basic Linux Commands for Data Science Beginners
[Analytics India Magazine] What can SEBI learn from casinos?
[Analytics India Magazine] AI-based coding assistants can surprisingly assist in genetic programming
[Dataversity] Graph Technology: The Next Chapter of Data Insights and Intelligence
[Analytics India Magazine] LUX: Python API for Automated Exploratory Data Analysis
[Analytics India Magazine] OmniXAI: A Library for Explainable AI
[Seattle Data Guy] Why Are We Still Struggling To Answer How Many Active Customers We Have?
[Databricks] Software Engineering Best Practices With Databricks Notebooks
[Data Science Central] Pharmacy Management: How it is Impacted by AI
[Data Science Central] Basic E-Discovery Concepts Every Attorney Should Know
[Data Science Central] Datasets and Data Annotation — The Building Blocks for Healthcare AI
[Databricks] The Emergence of the Composable Customer Data Platform
[Data Science Central] Top Benefits Of Obtaining A Blockchain Certification
[Databricks] Databricks on Google Cloud Guide to Data + AI Summit 2022
[Databricks] Everything You Need to Know About Data + AI Summit 2022
[Databricks] Azure Databricks Guide to Data + AI Summit 2022 Featuring Akamai and AT&T
[Data Science Central] 5 Most Common Use Cases for Web Scraping
[Databricks] Data Warehousing Modeling Techniques and Their Implementation on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform
[Databricks] Prescriptive Guidance for Implementing a Data Vault Model on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform
[KDnuggets] Market Data and News: A Time Series Analysis
[DataRobot AI Cloud] AI for Real Estate Investment
[Analytics India Magazine] Facebook Prophet falls out of favour
[KDnuggets] Why You Need To Learn More Than One Programming Language!
[Analytics India Magazine] Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth now supports synthetic data generation
[Analytics India Magazine] How VideoVerse plans to take on Apple iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro
[Analytics India Magazine] OpenAI trains neural network to play Minecraft
[Analytics India Magazine] How Meta uses TMO to save almost a third of memory per server
[Dataversity] Data Modeling Techniques and Best Practices
[Dataversity] 4 Ways to Monetize Data and Improve Your Revenue Model
[Analytics India Magazine] How microfinance startups leverage AI to democratise credit access
[Databricks] What’s New With Databricks Notebooks at the Data & AI Summit
[Databricks] Defining the Future of Data & AI: Announcing the Finalists for the 2022 Databricks Data Team Disruptor Award
[Databricks] Production ML Application in 15 Minutes With Tecton and Databricks
[KDnuggets] Comprehensive Guide to the Normal Distribution
[DataRobot AI Cloud] The AI Contribution to Decision-Making
[KDnuggets] 20 Basic Linux Commands for Data Science Beginners
[InData Labs] Top marketing analytics companies in 2022
[Data Science Central] How AI is Stopping Money Laundering
[Databricks] Accelerating Business With Data & AI: Announcing the Finalists for the 2022 Databricks Data Team Transformation Award
[Dataversity] Integrating Edge AI
[Analytics India Magazine] Agri e-commerce is ripe for the taking
[Dataversity] Why You Need Both BI Tools and Augmented Analytics (and How to Choose a Vendor)
[DataMites] What are the Best IT Companies in Pune?
[Dataversity] Alation Demo: Two Brains Are Better than One: Empower Data with Machine Learning and Human Insight
[Dataversity] AtScale Demo: How to use a semantic layer on Big Data to drive AI & BI impact
[Dataversity] ChaosSearch Demo: Analytics with No Data Movement! How I Stopped Worrying & Learned to Love the Data Lake
[Dataversity] Sisense Demo: Go Beyond Dashboards – Infuse Analytic and Data Insights Everywhere
[Dataversity] Denodo Demo: Achieving Self-Service Analytics with a Governed Data Access Layer
[Data Science Central] Value of Real-Time Data Visualization and Interpretation
[Data Science Central] Blueprint for Building a Data Product Business
[Analytics India Magazine] Powershap: A Shapley feature selection method
[Data Science Central] AI Goes Mainstream
[Data Science Central] Exploring Octoparse for Data Preparations and  Product Assessment
[Mozart Data Blog] Designing a Simpler, More Accessible Modern Data Platform
[Databricks] Databricks Now Provides HIPAA Compliance Features on Google Cloud
[Mozart Data Blog] Best Data Extraction Tools of 2022
[Databricks] Automating PHI Removal from Healthcare Data With Natural Language Processing
[Databricks] Equipping all Teams with Data & AI: Announcing the Finalists for the 2022 Databricks Data Team Democratization Award
[Databricks] AWS Guide to Data + AI Summit 2022 featuring Capital One, McAfee, Cigna and Carvana
[Databricks] Architecting MLOps on the Lakehouse
[KDnuggets] Speed up Machine Learning with Fast Kriging (FKR)
[Databricks] Guide to Delta Lake Sessions at Data + AI Summit 2022
[Databricks] Databricks Terraform Provider Is Now Generally Available
[Databricks] Lakehouse for Financial Services Blueprints
[Databricks] Your Guide to the Databricks Experience at 2022 Data & AI Summit
[Databricks] Impacting the World with Data & AI: Announcing the Finalists for the 2022 Databricks Data Team for Good Award
[Appsilon] R Shiny Google Analytics: How to Add GA to Shiny Apps
[Databricks] Databricks Now Provides HIPAA and PCI-DSS Compliance Features on AWS (multi-tenant)
[KDnuggets] Data Science Career: 7 Expectations vs Reality
[InData Labs] InData Labs tops Manifest AI ratings in 2022
[Analytics India Magazine] What is Direct to Mobile technology?
[Analytics India Magazine] Unleash the power of the cloud with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
[KDnuggets] KDnuggets News, June 22: Primary Supervised Learning Algorithms Used in Machine Learning; Top 15 Books to Master Data Strategy
[Analytics India Magazine] Fintech platform CredAvenue rebrands to become Yubi
[Dataversity] Data Modeling and Data Models: Not Just for Database Design
[Dataversity] A Pragmatic Approach to AI in the Enterprise
[Analytics India Magazine] Legacy analytics tools are fighting for survival
[Analytics India Magazine] Rendering textured meshes with PyTorch3D API
[Counting Stuff] We take our units of analysis for granted
[Dataversity] RWDG Webinar: The Role of Metadata in a Data Governance Program
[Dataversity] RWDG Slides: The Role of Metadata in a Data Governance Program
[KDnuggets] Introducing Objectiv: Open-source product analytics infrastructure
[Databricks] Build Reliable Production Data and ML Pipelines With Git Support for Databricks Workflows
[Databricks] Deploy Fully Managed Change Data Capture Pipelines With Arcion and Databricks Partner Connect
[KDnuggets] Essential Math for Data Science: Visual Introduction to Singular Value Decomposition
[InData Labs] The disruptive potential of AI risk management