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Latest news from the data science blogs.

[Analytics India Magazine] Cloud Prices Are Hurting Enterprises Bad, But There Might Be Ways Out
[Seattle Data Guy] Onboarding For Data Teams – How to set-up a streamlined onboarding experience
[Analytics India Magazine] From Losing the AI Art Race to Winning It, Meta Says ‘Make A Video’
[Data Science Central] How to Automate Data Cleaning, in a Nutshell
[Mozart Data Blog] Mozart Data Now Has a GitHub Integration
[Analytics India Magazine] Council Post: Can Supercloud benefit Data Science Industry
[Analytics India Magazine] Indian IT takes Moonlighting Seriously
[Analytics India Magazine] Users can now Generate Text-to-3D models using 2D Diffusion
[Dataversity] Four Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Cloud Data Security Tool
[Analytics India Magazine] Most Prominent Data Science Academician In India 2022
[Dataversity] An Introduction to Reinforcement Learning
[Analytics India Magazine] Predictive Policing Is Dumb
[Dataversity] Webinar: Optimizing Solution Value– Dynamic Data Quality, Governance, and MDM
[Dataversity] Slides: Optimizing Solution Value– Dynamic Data Quality, Governance, and MDM
[DataRobot AI Cloud] How Model Observability Provides a 360° View of Models in Production
[InData Labs] Top customer care AI benefits for your business
[Analytics India Magazine] Data Science Hiring Process at CoinDCX
[Analytics India Magazine] SAS Viya Now Available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace
[Analytics India Magazine] Decentralised Science Isn’t Just Possible—It’s Almost Here 
[Dataversity] Data Literacy and Analytics: Where Do They Intersect?
[Dataversity] The Rise of Data-Centric AI
[Analytics India Magazine] The Companies That Won Data Science Excellence Awards 2022
[DataMites] K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) Algorithm in Machine Learning using Python
[Data Science Central] 7 convincing reasons why your coworking needs a CRM system
[Analytics India Magazine] Cypher 2022 Key Highlights 
[Analytics India Magazine] AIM Data CXO Mixers, sponsored by AWS: A multi-city roadshow To Accelerate Business Transformation
[Dataversity] My Career in Data Episode 3: Karen Lopez, Senior Project Manager, InfoAdvisors
[Dataversity] Machine Learning Tools
[Analytics India Magazine] Meet the Winners Of Infocepts Data Engineering Hiring Hackathon
[Dataversity] The Data Engineer’s Roadmap
[Analytics India Magazine] Why the Master of Science in Accounting & Analytics programme from the University of Louisville is the right choice to drive your CPA career
[Analytics India Magazine] India’s Biggest ML Developers Conference is Back!
[Data Science Central] DSC Weekly 27 Sept 2022 – Corpus Wars
[Data Science Central] Data Erasure: How to Remove your Information from the Internet?
[Data Science Central] Need a Fast, Safe & Flexible App? Go for Cloud-Based Mobile Apps
[Data Science Central] 7 Key Steps to Comply with California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
[Data Science Central] Internet of Things Security: Safeguarding Connected Devices and Networks in IoT Era
[Data Science Central] The Similarities of Solving Data Problems and Rubik’s Cubes
[Data Science Central] 10 steps to data profiling for successful data discovery: Part II
[Data Science Central] Point – Counterpoint on Why Organizations Suck at AI
[Data Science Central] New Book: Intuitive Machine Learning
[Data Science Central] Allegrograph: From Lisp to SHACL
[Data Science Central] Privacy Center: The Key to Meeting Data Privacy Obligations
[Appsilon] Appsprints & Distributed Teams: R Shiny App Development
[DataRobot AI Cloud] Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) Predicts DataRobot Can Provide a 3.5–4.6X Expected ROI
[Counting Stuff] Product Work is Intention Hunting Work
[Dataversity] Data Fabric Architecture 101
[Analytics India Magazine] Convergytics is certified as a Best Firm For Data Scientists
[Dataversity] Four Ways Cyber Asset Management Can Build Recession Resilience
[Dataversity] DAS Webinar: Business Centric Data Modeling
[Dataversity] DAS Slides: Business Centric Data Modeling
[DataMites] How much is the Machine Learning Course Fee in Kochi?
[Analytics India Magazine] Evalueserve is certified as a Best Firm For Data Scientists
[Analytics India Magazine] Oracle’s Georges Saab on Java 19 and Plans for India
[Analytics India Magazine] Google AI Launches an Open Source Library to Store & Manipulate Large Multi-Dimensional Arrays
[Analytics India Magazine] Perception Algorithms: Building a World for Self-driven Cars 
[Dataversity] How to Make the Jump to AI
[Dataversity] 3 Common Challenges with Business Intelligence Implementations
[Analytics India Magazine] Google launches Free Course on Cloud Computing Foundations with Kubernetes
[Seattle Data Guy] What Is Data Governance
[Analytics India Magazine] The Backend of Indian Elections
[Data Science Central] DSC Weekly 20 Sept 2022 – Where Have All The Workers Gone?
[DataMites] Data Science Job Roles, Salary Structure and Course Fees in the UAE
[Dataversity] Why Data Governance Is Essential in the Current Business Landscape
[Dataversity] Improving Customer Experience with Data Storytelling
[Dataversity] Webinar: The Benefits of a Data Catalog with Built-in Data Lineage
[Dataversity] Slides: The Benefits of a Data Catalog with Built-in Data Lineage
[DataMites] How much are the Data Science Course Fees in Trivandrum?
[InData Labs] AI in corporate finance: fundamentals, benefits, and applications
[DataRobot AI Cloud] Join DataRobot at Big Data & AI Paris 2022
[Dataversity] How to Become a Data Security Analyst
[Dataversity] 5 Ways Data Storage IT Pros Enable Business User Self-Service
[Analytics India Magazine] Your search for the perfect Data Science Course ends here. IIMC Advanced Programme in Data Sciences | Register Now!
[Analytics India Magazine] The ‘Unsolved’ Problems in Machine Learning
[DataMites] How much are the Data Science Course Fees in Bhubaneswar?
[Dataversity] My Career in Data Episode 2: Mark Horseman
[Dataversity] Analytics Governance: The Big Picture
[Analytics India Magazine] Why are Neurologists Overhauling Engineer-Designed AI Algorithms?
[Dataversity] Are Verifiable Credentials Paving the Way for Reinforced Digital Privacy?
[Analytics India Magazine] The Challenges of Being a Data Scientist
[Data Science Central] The art of removing duplicates from your organizational data
[Data Science Central] Platform Technical Management – Data Engineering View
[InData Labs] AI for call centers: top 10 technology trends for better customer care
[DataMites] How much is the Machine Learning Course Fee in Jaipur?
[Counting Stuff] Coming up with a talk proposal
[Analytics India Magazine] Beyond the Merge are Surge, Verge, Purge, and Splurge
[Dataversity] Digital Transformation Examples for Business Success
[Dataversity] Get Context-Driven Natural Language Processing for Better Search Results
[Data Science Central] How CPRA Will Change the Face of US Businesses
[Data Science Central] How to Use Data Science for Search Engine Optimization
[Dataversity] RWDG Webinar: Data Governance to Build Data Intelligence
[Dataversity] RWDG Slides: Data Governance to Build Data Intelligence
[DataMites] What is a Support Vector Machines(SVM) in Python?
[DataMites] Data Science Job Roles, Salary Structure and Course Fees in Malaysia
[Analytics India Magazine] Why Developers have a Love-hate Relationship with Stack Overflow
[Dataversity] Data Management Is Dead – Data Empowerment Has Emerged
[Analytics India Magazine] Python may Not be Great for Backend but is Still Preferred for ML
[Data Science Central] Digital Twins as Building Blocks of the Metaverse
[Data Science Central] Data Management as a Business Discipline – Part 2: Theorems and Principles
[Data Science Central] How Algorithmic Trading Companies Automate Their Investment Strategy
[Data Science Central] An Overview of Data Analytics in Investment Banking
[Data Science Central] Making Data Centers More Sustainable
[Data Science Central] What Does Utah Consumer Privacy Act Mean for US Businesses?
[Data Science Central] How to build your data quality team
[Data Science Central] How Accounting Is Moving to the Cloud
[Data Science Central] Removing Zinc Artifacts in Data Centers
[Data Science Central] Usability of Text Annotation in Machine Learning
[DataMites] How much are the Data Science Course Fees in Chandigarh?
[Analytics India Magazine] Digital India Needs Digital MP
[Analytics India Magazine] How to Generate an Image from Text using Stable Diffusion on Python
[Data Science Central] Data Standardization: Define, Test, and Transform
[DataMites] How much is the Machine Learning Course Fee in Bangalore?
[Analytics India Magazine] When AI Comes to Police’s Rescue
[Dataversity] 4 Critical Elements of a Customer-Centric Data Strategy
[Dataversity] Multi-Cloud Networking Design Checklist
[Analytics India Magazine] Einblick: Jupyter notebook’s next evolution, from linear notebook to collaborative, visual canvas
[Dataversity] DataEd Webinar: Getting Data Quality Right
[Dataversity] DataEd Slides: Getting Data Quality Right
[Analytics India Magazine] AI startup Sigmoid raises $12 million from Sequoia Capital
[DataMites] How much is the Machine Learning Course Fee in Ahmedabad?
[Analytics India Magazine] Risks of Letting AI Experts Experiment with Healthcare
[Analytics India Magazine] Chinese AI Image Generator Censors Politically Sensitive Content
[Analytics India Magazine] Join us for Data&Beyond 2022, sponsored by Microsoft: A virtual CDO panel discussion on becoming future-ready with data & AI
[Dataversity] A Guide to Time Series Databases
[Analytics India Magazine] Sudheesh Nair, ThoughtSpot CEO, Opens Up About his Big India Bet
[Dataversity] The Role of AI in the Transformation of the Insurance Industry
[Analytics India Magazine] Draft Data Anonymisation Guidelines Pulled Down a Week After Being Put Up For Public Comments
[DataMites] How much are the Data Science Course Fees in Coimbatore?
[Analytics India Magazine] Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories is certified as a Best Firm For Data Scientists
[Analytics India Magazine] Using ‘Cocktail Party Problem’ to Talk with Animals
[Analytics India Magazine] Altair to Acquire RapidMiner to Strengthen the Broad Data Analytics Portfolio
[Dataversity] Data Privacy and Security Concerns for Multi-Cloud Organizations
[Dataversity] OSINT Basics for Safety and Profit
[Analytics India Magazine] The Art of Elevating Human Experience Using AI
[Analytics India Magazine] Busted: Big Myths about Web3 
[Dataversity] Orion Demo: The Next Generation Data Catalog – Leveraging the Self-Defined Data Fabric
[Dataversity] Atlan Demo: Active Metadata Platform: Unify Your Data Discovery, Cataloging, Lineage, and Governance Experience
[Dataversity] DVSum Demo: Unleash Data Agility with an Automated Data Catalog of Your Entire Data and Analytics Stack 
[Dataversity] data.world Demo: Turn Your Data Into Knowledge With data.world
[Dataversity] Alation Demo: How Machine Learning (and a Little Human Insight) Can Prune Your Thorniest Data Challenges 
[Data Science Central] DSC Weekly 13 Sept 2022 – The Automation Balance
[Data Science Central] Challenges and Best Practices of Data Cleansing
[Data Science Central] Image Annotation Overview 2022
[Data Science Central] Project Management Data Analytics: Benefits and Practices
[DataRobot AI Cloud] What Do Data Scientists Do? A Guide to AI Maturity, Challenges, and Solutions
[DataMites] Data Science Job Roles, Salary Structure and Course Fees in South Africa
[Analytics India Magazine] Investment Philosophy of Unicorn India Ventures
[InData Labs] InData Labs becomes an AWS Select Tier Partner
[Counting Stuff] Want a DS project? There's health insurance data out there
[Analytics India Magazine] New Benchmarks Released by MLCommons to Boost ML Performance
[DataMites] A Complete Guide to Naive Bayes Algorithm in Python
[Dataversity] How to Build a Data Governance Program in 90 Days
[Analytics India Magazine] What to Expect in the Draft National Data Governance Framework Policy, 2022
[Dataversity] How AI Is Driving Data Speeds in Data Centers
[Analytics India Magazine] Role of GCCs in the Indian analytics industry
[Dataversity] ADV Webinar: Graph Database Use Cases
[Dataversity] ADV Slides: Graph Database Use Cases
[Analytics India Magazine] Can a Data Scientist Survive off of Kaggle Prizes?
[Analytics India Magazine] How Relevant is NSR 15 Years Later?
[Dataversity] Data Mesh or Data Mess?
[Dataversity] Boost Business Value with a Well-Defined Enterprise Analytics Strategy
[Analytics India Magazine] All About Alexa’s New Language Understanding Model
[Analytics India Magazine] Here’s Why You Must Not Miss Cypher-22
[Data Science Central] How to Win an Election Using Data
[Data Science Central] How Automation is Changing Freight Bill of Lading Data Entry
[Analytics India Magazine] Machine Learning to Deter Students from Dropping Out of School
[Data Science Central] Technical Debt In Machine Learning System – A Model Driven Perspective
[Analytics India Magazine] ‘Quote to code I: Pandora’s box’ is now live! Put your data skills on display & get hired by Indus OS
[Analytics India Magazine] Blockchain, a Poorly Explained Concept
[Analytics India Magazine] Data Analytics According To A Political Campaigner
[Analytics India Magazine] Bhuvan or MapMyIndia, Which is the Best Indian Mapping App?
[Dataversity] Real-Time Data in Machine Learning: Challenges and Solutions
[Analytics India Magazine] Mistry leaves behind rich legacy in AI
[Dataversity] 10 Cloud Computing Risks Every Business Should Know
[Analytics India Magazine] What can AI Learn from Animals
[InData Labs] AI business consulting to fuel growth
[Analytics India Magazine] Hansa Cequity is certified as a Best Firm For Data Scientists
[Analytics India Magazine] Council post: Things to keep in mind when building modern data estates 
[DataMites] What would be the Python Certification Training Fees in Vizag?
[Analytics India Magazine] Council Post: Things to keep in mind when building modern data estates
[Analytics India Magazine] Will Probabilistic Computing Overshadow Quantum Computing
[Dataversity] Data Science Solutions: Applications and Use Cases
[Dataversity] The Key to Health Equity? It All Lies in the Data
[Analytics India Magazine] No-Code AI Firm DataSwitch Names Sivakumar Agneeswaran as Group CEO 
[Analytics India Magazine] ‘It was clear that if we weren’t going to build it, no one else would’: Jakub Jurovych, Deepnote
[Dataversity] Data Governance Frameworks
[Dataversity] How to Mitigate the IT Challenges of Remote Work
[Analytics India Magazine] This Startup Uses Blockchain for Traceability Solutions
[Data Science Central] DSC Weekly 6 Sept 2022: Getting the Most Out of DSC
[Elder Research] Arranging a Suite of Analytics for Hotel Data
[DataMites] How much is the Machine Learning Course Fee in Kolkata?
[InData Labs] 12 powerful benefits of E-commerce data automation you need to know
[DataRobot AI Cloud] 5 Takeaways from the 2022 Gartner® Data & Analytics Summit, Orlando, Florida
[Counting Stuff] What if every dashboard self destructed
[Analytics India Magazine] Behind the World’s First Purpose-Built Industry Cloud for Agriculture
[Analytics India Magazine] Mapping the Flood Prone City
[Analytics India Magazine] TikTok Hijacking, Over 2 Billion Users Struggling With a Lost Data Record: Security Researchers
[Dataversity] Do You Really Need a Data Catalog?
[Analytics India Magazine] 5G to Empower IoT Devices; Cyber Security Cos Rush to Save them from Attacks
[Dataversity] How Analytics Consumers and Data Experts Can Come Together to Close Insights Gaps