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Latest news from the software testing blogs:

[Mindful tester] Accessibility Poker – Walking away from the deal
[Jesper Lindholt Ottosen] Tester Aided in Two-Digit Million Dollar Deal
[A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball] Software Maintenance
[Essence of Testing] Switching jdk versions on mac, easily!
[Essence of Testing] Setting up common software on a new Mac
[QualityWorks] The Disruptive Benefits of Agile Transformation
[Beth The Tester's Tales] Postman Flows: Live Stream
[Random Tech Thoughts] An introduction to parameterised types
[The SpecFlow BDD Blog] The Retirement of SpecFlow+ Runner
[Emna Ayadi] Agile Testing Days Journey 2021 (Part2)?
[TestProject] OOP Principles in Test Automation: Inheritance
[Test Pappy] Quality is a complex system
[TestProject] How Mobile Test Automation Speeds Up App Development
[LambdaTest] Selenium Standalone Server and Selenium Server [Differences]
[Synapse QA] Bug Advocacy-An Effective Way of Writing A BUG
[Synapse QA] Where are the testers on the spectrum?
[Synapse QA] Do Skills come with the Position??
[Synapse QA] A path not taught
[Dev Tester] Are Automated Tests for Solo Projects Useful?
[Derk-Jan de Grood] It’s like a onion: it explains the basics, but you can go a level deeper.
[TestProject] On Premise vs. Cloud – Where to Test
[Hiccupps] Exploring the Context
[filiphric.com] Switch between environments in Cypress
[Hiccupps] Door Not Mouth
[Tooth of the Weasel] Five for Friday – January 21, 2022
[A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball] In Search of Contemporary Exploratory Tester
[LambdaTest] How To Inspect Elements On Android Devices?
[Applitools] Disrupting the Economics of Software Testing Through AI: An Interview with Torsten Volk
[A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball] One Company, Five Testing Archetypes
[Random Tech Thoughts] Encapsulation
[Joe Colantonio] Cypress.io Vs. Selenium: A Feature-Based Comparison Guide
[LambdaTest] LambdaTest Year In Review: Take A Bite Out Of 2021!
[Essence of Testing] Using fakesms service in Functional Test Automation
[TestProject] Tips to Make Your QA Career Take Off In 2022
[Rafaela Azevedo] Stale Element when using PageFactory – Selenium
[LambdaTest] FindElement And FindElements In Selenium [Differences]
[TestProject] Must Haves in Test Documentation
[Synapse QA] What is Test Design exactly?
[Synapse QA] How I Deliberately Became A Software Tester
[Gurock Quality Hub] What Is DevTestOps?
[A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball] Scaling Testing Bubbles
[Random Tech Thoughts] Modularisation – cohesion at many levels
[LambdaTest] Live With HyperTest: Blazing Fast Next-Gen Selenium Testing Cloud
[TestProject] Machine Learning Testing for Beginners – All in One Guide
[filiphric.com] Cypress basics: API testing
[Hiccupps] My Favourite Tool
[Elizabeth Zagroba: Software Tester] This Diagram Asked More Questions Than It Answered
[Jesper Lindholt Ottosen] What About Expected Results?
[Essence of Testing] Making Android Studio Emulator work on Mac with M1 chip
[Enjoy testing] Learn Testing in 20 days - Response turned to post
[Applitools] A Comprehensive Guide to Regression Testing
[A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball] Advice for the New Tester
[Tooth of the Weasel] Five for Friday – January 14, 2022
[Ministry of Testing] Our 2022 Annual Partners!
[Derk-Jan de Grood] Surf the “Waves of Agile” and get on the same wavelength
[TestProject] OOP Principles in Test Automation: Encapsulation
[Gurock Quality Hub] The Top 5 Challenges in Continuous Testing in 2022
[The SpecFlow BDD Blog] Writing Effective Behaviour-Driven Test Cases
[Beagle says] Testing and Prevention – The Illusion
[DevelopSense Blog] Testing Deep and Shallow (2): “Shallow” is a feature, not an insult!
[Random Tech Thoughts] Modularisation – coupling and cohesion
[DevelopSense Blog] Testing Deep and Shallow (1): Coverage
[Diagram Industries] How to help developers positively influence testability
[LambdaTest] Angular Testing With Jasmine And Karma Using Selenium [Tutorial]
[Joe Colantonio] E2E Black Box Testing for Enterprises
[LambdaTest] Complete Guide To Cypress Visual Regression Testing
[Dev Tester] Make Your Test Automation Better With Tags
[TestProject] Quiz Time – Selenium, Appium and Automation Best Practices
[TestProject] Building a Testing Community of Practice
[Gurock Quality Hub] Announcing TestRail 7.3 with Enterprise Test Case Reviews and Version Restore
[Ministry of Testing] 2022 Ministry of Testing Events Have Started Going Live!
[filiphric.com] Waiting in Cypress and how to avoid it
[Beth The Tester's Tales] Announcing my new role as interim QA Rel at Mailinator!
[Hiccupps] Use the Force Multiplier
[Synapse QA] A Tester’s Expected Learning and Unexpected Challenges Voyage
[Synapse QA] Continuous Resiliency testing: Learning from failures
[Synapse QA] Observability – The secret sauce for delivering a Resilient and Reliable IT system
[Tooth of the Weasel] Five for Friday – January 7
[LambdaTest] Mobile App Testing Basics [With Real-Time Examples]
[LambdaTest] How To Handle Captcha In Selenium
[TestProject] 2022 Software Testing Trends
[Applitools] What’s New in Appium Java Client 8.0.0
[Random Tech Thoughts] Exceptions 4: Finishing up
[Random Tech Thoughts] Exceptions 3: Where to put catch blocks and handle exceptions
[Random Tech Thoughts] Exceptions 2: Types and filtering
[Random Tech Thoughts] Exceptions 1: Basics
[Diagram Industries] You Build It, You Run It
[Enjoy testing] Part 1: Shout-out to TAU, BBST
[LambdaTest] Dec’21 Updates: Latest OS in Automation, Accessibility Testing, Custom Network Throttling & More!
[Practical Deep Testing Stories] What should someone do to really assure quality (QA)?
[Enjoy testing] Few Chrome browser extensions
[Enjoy testing] Sachin's 241* and Discipline in software testing
[LambdaTest] Selenium Automation Testing: Basics and Getting Started
[Enjoy testing] Navy SEALS and Software Projects
[Test Obsessed] Deprecation Notice
[Maverick Tester] What is a Quality Coach?
[Enjoy testing] Cost Time Value Risk
[A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball] Classic Example of Exploratory Testing
[Random Tech Thoughts] Comparing regular expressions and finite state machines
[Enjoy testing] Time for a new year post?
[Random Tech Thoughts] Finite State Machines
[LambdaTest] 11 Best CSS Grid Layout Generators
[Emna Ayadi] 2021 A Year in review;
[therockertester] 2021 in review
[Elizabeth Zagroba: Software Tester] Try Asking Different Questions
[Mindful tester] Things Which Were Not On My 2021 Bingo Card
[Random Tech Thoughts] Regular expressions
[Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin] Experiment-driven quality
[LambdaTest] 15 Most Important Mobile App Testing Scenarios
[Applitools] What is Visual AI?
[A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball] Reflections on a Cadence
[Gurock Quality Hub] 5 Effective Steps to Align Testing with DevOps
[Hiccupps] Testing and Syntax
[Dev Tester] Achieve Success With Your Testing Goals for 2022
[Evil Tester] Adopt a Personal Approach to Exploratory Testing
[LambdaTest] JUnit 5 vs. TestNG: Choosing The Right Framework For Selenium Automation Testing
[Random Tech Thoughts] How permanent is your data?
[Hiccupps] It Takes a Village
[Emna Ayadi] Agile Testing Days Journey 2021 (Part1)
[A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball] Robot Framework and the Myth of Embedded Devices
[LambdaTest] LambdaTest’s Response to Log4j Vulnerability [Updated 23.12.2021]
[Simply the Test] Cheerful debugging messages and its consequences
[LambdaTest] Real Device Cloud For Native App Testing
[A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball] 2022 Session Sensemaking
[QualityWorks] A Developer’s Insight into Testing
[Applitools] Why Should Software Testers Understand Unit Testing?
[LambdaTest] Best Mobile App Testing Framework for Android and iOS Applications
[Adventures in QA] Software Test Coaching
[Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin] Learning how to be an ally to non-binary folk
[Dev Tester] Helping Developers and Testers Get Along
[TestProject] Software Testing – The Map Is Not the Territory
[Hiccupps] Agile in the Ether
[LambdaTest] How To Build And Execute Selenium Projects
[Tooth of the Weasel] Five for Friday – December 17, 2021
[Applitools] Why You Should Use Visual Locators Instead of Fragile Selectors in Your Tests
[Simply The Test] Looking Back at 2021
[Ultimate QA] Modern React and NodeJS Development Course Update
[Derk-Jan de Grood] InflectraCon 2020 – Get inspired about what’s on the horizon for technology in 2022 and beyond!
[TestProject] Wrapping Up 2021 & Welcoming 2022!
[therockertester] A tester’s critique of “The 2021 State of Software Quality: The View from Enterprise Leaders & Followers”
[Diagram Industries] Testability Advocacy Canvas
[LambdaTest] How To Switch Between iFrames In Selenium Java [Tutorial]
[Applitools] A Collection of My Favorite Cypress Features
[Gurock Quality Hub] TestRail User Survey Results 2020: Part 2
[Louise Gibbs - Software Tester] Weekly XPath/CSS Selector Challenge (Aquabot Testing – 13th December 2021)
[LambdaTest] Implementing SMACSS: A Scalable And Modular Architecture For CSS
[Dev Tester] Test Your APIs Further Using HTTP Toolkit
[TestProject] Five Tips to Improve as An Automation Engineer
[Question Able by Pejgan] Summary of 2021
[LambdaTest] A Complete Guide On Beta Testing Apps
[Evil Tester] November 2021 EvilTester.com and Patreon Content Summary
[Hiccupps] Testing is not the Goal
[Random Tech Thoughts] Magic roundabouts and starvation
[Random Tech Thoughts] Mini roundabouts and deadlock
[A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball] Transforming Agile Ceremonies
[AnElaborationOfCarbon] Lost In Translation
[Hiccupps] Testing and Words
[Hiccupps] Testing and Language
[Tooth of the Weasel] Five for Friday – December 10, 2021
[Applitools] Test Automation Framework: Build vs. Use vs. Buy
[A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball] TDD makes a bad programming test for testers
[LambdaTest] How To Run The First Selenium Test Script
[The QA Connection Blog] 10 Quality Metrics That Let You know Your Automation Is Successful
[Evil Tester] Cypress AG Grid Plugin for Test Automation
[Derk-Jan de Grood] Agile Advent Calendar
[LambdaTest] How To Move From Manual Testing To Automation
[TestProject] From Manual to Automation Testing – Lessons Learned
[Testhead] The Accessibility Mindset: The Latest Episode of The Testing Show is Up
[Applitools] How AI is Making Test Automation Smarter
[Nicky Tests Software] eBook Presale: Starting Your Software Testing Career
[Jesper Lindholt Ottosen] #270 – But what if we can’t release often?
[Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin] The beauty of constraints
[Beth The Tester's Tales] Protected: Postman Flows: 5 Example Flows
[Louise Gibbs - Software Tester] Waiting vs. Sleeping – Stop wasting time
[Mr. Slavchev] Quality’s dirty little secrets
[Gurock Quality Hub] 5 Keys to Test Management for Remote QA Teams
[Dev Tester] Using Artillery to Load Test GraphQL APIs
[Derk-Jan de Grood] Vincent Verloop describes his work as Agile Coach
[TestProject] A Guide to Mobile Games Testing
[filiphric.com] Cypress basics: Variables
[Louise Gibbs - Software Tester] Weekly XPath/CSS Selector Challenge (Ministry Of Testing Website – 6th December 2021)
[TestSheepNZ] The anxiety epidemic
[Stories from a Software Tester] The Ethical Mandate for Mistake Specialists
[Elizabeth Zagroba: Software Tester]
[Applitools] Getting Involved with DevOps as a Testing Specialist
[Tooth of the Weasel] Five for Friday – December 3, 2021
[A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball] Testing is a fascinating word
[Zagorski software tester] Testival Community Ending Scene
[Nicky Tests Software] Coming soon: Starting Your Software Testing Career
[Louise Gibbs - Software Tester] A Testers Christmas Song!
[Applitools] Applitools Recognized as Testing Leader by Industry and Customers
[Gurock Quality Hub] 35 Challenging Interview Questions for Testers
[Mindful tester] Dark Patterns For Disabled People
[TechBeacon App Dev & Testing] Is codeless test automation ready for use in your organization?
[Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin] Agile Testing Days 2021 – 1 of ? – Asking new questions
[Dev Tester] Check the Effectiveness of Your Automated Tests
[Louise Gibbs - Software Tester] Weekly XPath/CSS Selector Challenge (29th November 2021)
[TestProject] TestProject Smart Test Recorder: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet
[TestProject] Avoiding The Need to Refactor Our Automation Code
[Beth The Tester's Tales] Protected: Postman Flows: A Block Reference Guide
[Quality through Innovation] Open Tabs – 11/27/21
[Adventures in QA] State of Testing Survey 2022 is live
[Random Tech Thoughts] Recursion and iteration – loop unrolling
[Random Tech Thoughts] Recursion and iteration – blurring the lines
[Random Tech Thoughts] Recursion and iteration – mutual recursion and tail recursion
[Random Tech Thoughts] Recursion and iteration – an introduction to recursion
[Random Tech Thoughts] Recursion and iteration – an introduction to iteration
[Tooth of the Weasel] Five for Friday – November 26, 2021
[TestSheepNZ] Remembering John French - games teacher
[TestProject] Artificial Intelligence for Automation Testing
[Seaside Testing] Agile Testing Days 2021 – Part 3
[Applitools] Hot off the Press: How to Get Started with the New Applitools / Robot Framework Library!
[TechBeacon App Dev & Testing] 7 trends changing continuous delivery and release automation
[Jesper Lindholt Ottosen] #269 – We Have Outsmarted Ourselves Again
[The QA Connection Blog] How to Avoid Waterscrum..or Srumfall..or Wagile
[Derk-Jan de Grood] You got an issue? Check-it!”
[Dev Tester] Become an Impact Tester and Improve Your Work
[Derk-Jan de Grood] Product ownership – beyond saying no
[TestProject] Increase Development Cycles Without Compromising Quality
[Louise Gibbs - Software Tester] Weekly XPath/CSS Selector Challenge (22nd November 2021)
[Seaside Testing] Agile Testing Days 2021 – Part 2
[TechBeacon App Dev & Testing] Technical user story writing for agile teams: A practical guide
[Applitools] What is Visual Testing?
[Nicky Tests Software] Interview with Christina Ohanian
[filiphric.com] Cypress basics: xpath vs. CSS selectors
[Seaside Testing] Agile Testing Days 2021 – Part 1
[Evil Tester] Automate for yourself first
[Tooth of the Weasel] Five for Friday – November 19, 2021
[Applitools] What’s New in Cypress 9
[TechBeacon App Dev & Testing] 5 software architecture patterns: How to make the right choice
[Derk-Jan de Grood] Keeping the Customer Satisfied
[Applitools] Applitools Named Fastest-Growing Software Testing Vendor in North America
[Applitools] Top 10 Most Popular Free Test Automation Courses of 2021
[DevelopSense Blog] Lessons Learned in Finding Bugs
[testwithnishi] I am speaking at DevOpsCon Singapore – Nov 2021
[TestProject] Avoid These 8 Common Mistakes In Python
[Jesper Lindholt Ottosen] #268 – Who Brings in New Knowledge?
[Zagorski software tester] Pattern matching trouble in ExUnit
[Nicky Tests Software] Bloggers Club: Oracles and Heuristics
[Derk-Jan de Grood] Workshop on Built-in Quality at the Agile Testings days
[Hiccupps] Red Testing Hood
[TestSheepNZ] Farewell to a good friend in hard times...
[Random Tech Thoughts] Putting your code onto Azure using Terraform and Azure DevOps Pipelines
[Hiccupps] AI Needs Testers
[TechBeacon App Dev & Testing] How to cut your Selenium test run time by 70%
[Dev Tester] Top Challenges of Automated End-to-End Testing
[Hiccupps] Laugh Don't Cry
[testwithnishi] How To Compliment Software Outsourcing With Agile Development? 
[Louise Gibbs - Software Tester] Weekly XPath/CSS Selector Challenge (15th November 2021)
[Nicky Tests Software] How do you actually prevent bugs?
[Hiccupps] Scale Model
[TestProject] Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) Testing Strategies
[filiphric.com] Autocompleting selectors in Cypress with TypeScript
[Hiccupps] Testing Hats Can Be White
[Evil Tester] How to Release a Chrome Extension to the Chrome Store
[Evil Tester] October 2021 EvilTester.com and Patreon Content Summary
[Evil Tester] Jacoco Java Coverage Reporting - minimal configuration for Junit 4 and 5
[AnElaborationOfCarbon] She’s Got Her Ticket
[Hiccupps] Don't Just Check, Please
[Tooth of the Weasel] Five for Friday – November 12, 2021
[Applitools] Refining Your Test Automation Approach in a Microservice Architecture World
[James Christie's Blog] External auditors – “arrogant beyond their competence”
[testwithnishi] How to create a document outlining your Test Strategy?
[A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball] The Ways Bugs Cost Us
[Derk-Jan de Grood] Talking Automation at the Australian, New Zealand DevOps & TA Conference
[DevelopSense Blog] What Tests Should I Automate?
[TestProject] How to Become a Good QA Engineer
[Testhead] Is It Testable? A New Episode of The Testing Show is Now Available
[DevelopSense Blog] Testing Doesn’t Improve the Product
[Random Tech Thoughts] The skills that developers and testers share
[Gurock Quality Hub] Improving the Developer Tester Handoff
[Jesper Lindholt Ottosen] #267 – Reminder – it’s about Story Shaping
[Dev Tester] How to Test an API Without Documentation
[Derk-Jan de Grood] The reality I’ve been in for years
[TestProject] Best Practices For Test Automation in 2021 and Beyond
[Software Testing - a Sisyphean Task?] A Simple Rule for Product Decision Making
[Applitools] How to Test a Mobile Web App in Cypress
[TechBeacon App Dev & Testing] Why software testing needs explainable AI
[Louise Gibbs - Software Tester] Weekly XPath/CSS Selector Challenge (8th November 2021)
[A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball] Ensemble Programming and Behaviors for Hands, Brains and Voices
[A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball] Reacting to Numbers
[Hiccupps] The Eye of the Beholder
[Tooth of the Weasel] Five for Friday – November 5, 2021
[Jesper Lindholt Ottosen] #266 – Retraining Yourself for the Future
[DevelopSense Blog] Experience Report: Katalon Studio
[A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball] Turn work samples into a portfolio
[therockertester] The power of the pause
[Adventures in Automation] Just purchased a new automation development book, Cucumbers and Cheese
[Testhead] About Human Issues and Some Possible Solutions (an #OnlineTestConf 2021 Live Blog)
[Testhead] Analytics Matter: What Are Your Users Really Doing? (an #OnlineTestConf 2021 Live Blog)
[Testhead] Expect to Inspect – Performing Code Inspections on Your Automation (an #OnlineTestConf 2021 Live Blog)
[Testhead] “Make it public!” And other things that annoy developers about testability
[Testhead] Why Should we Take Things Personally? (an #OnlineTestConf 2021 Live Blog)
[TechBeacon App Dev & Testing] Shift your UI testing to sprint zero by leveraging mockups and AI
[Testhead] How to Tame Bugs in Production (an #OnlineTestConf 2021 Live Blog)
[Derk-Jan de Grood] Agile DevOps East – Talking refinement
[Testhead] Deming’s Management Philosophy (an #OnlineTestConf 2021 Live Blog)
[Testhead] Full-stack Testing in/is the New Normal (an #OnlineTestConf 2021 Live Blog)
[Testhead] The Tester’s Role: Balancing Technical Acumen and User Advocacy (an #OnlineTestConf 2021 Live Blog)
[Testhead] Testers – The Constant Chameleon (an #OnlineTestConf 2021 Live Blog)
[TechBeacon App Dev & Testing] Fast fixes for slow tests: How to unclog your CI pipeline
[Testhead] Delivering Quality Software at Speed (an #OnlineTestConf 2021 Live Blog)
[TestProject] Having The Right Mindset to Choose Between Manual and Automated Testing
[Gurock Quality Hub] Shift Left: Testing from the Onset of the Project
[QualityWorks] Outsource vs. Upskill: How to Fill Your Post-Pandemic Skills Gaps
[Applitools] How Visual AI Accelerates Release Velocity
[QualityWorks] Template
[Dev Tester] 3 Ways to Use Load Tests Beyond Performance
[TestProject] Emulators and Simulators vs. Real Devices For Automation
[Emna Ayadi] API Testing from where to start ?
[Nicky Tests Software] How to start your career in software testing
[Evil Tester] T.O.T.E - Test, Operate, Test, Exit for Software Testing
[Applitools] Announcing Applitools Eyes 10.13: Enhanced Team Collaboration, Baseline across Browser/OS Versions and More
[Louise Gibbs - Software Tester] How To Test A Button (#30DaysOfTools – Day 21)
[TestProject] 20 Questions To Answer Before You Start Automating Tests
[Evil Tester] A Random Test Data Table Editor Tool
[Tooth of the Weasel] Five for Friday – October 29, 2021
[Hell of a Tester] Testing is not a phase
[Mindful tester] Return of The Script
[A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball] Lessons Learned on Working with Data-Intensive Applications
[TechBeacon App Dev & Testing] 8+ programming languages that will keep you in demand
[Beth The Tester's Tales] A Tester’s Takeaways: Postman State of API Report 2021
[MW Test Consultancy] How’s the book going Mark?
[TestProject] How to Report Bugs to Developers in a Believable Way
[Applitools] Hello Appium, Part 1: What is Appium? An Introduction to Appium and its Tooling
[KingaTest] Is you project opinion or data-driven?
[Jesper Lindholt Ottosen] #265 – Using MTTR to Understand When to Test
[Gurock Quality Hub] Successfully Managing Test Cases: Finding the Right Test Case Tool
[Ministry of Testing] 30 Days of Tools - Community Roundup #4
[TechBeacon App Dev & Testing] Here's the right way to test links in your web apps
[Dev Tester] Tips When Starting Your First Developer/Tester Job
[Derk-Jan de Grood] It’s a recognition bonanza
[TestProject] How Testers Can Benefit From Observational Learning
[Derk-Jan de Grood] Agile Tour London
[A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball] Talks Turned Articles
[Hiccupps] Context Above All
[Simply the Test] Test Patterns out of control
[Tooth of the Weasel] Five for Friday – October 22, 2021
[Applitools] Automated Testing for SEO Data
[TestProject] The Software Bug Life Cycle (SBLC)
[TechBeacon App Dev & Testing] Microservices and COBOL: 4 steps to modernize your apps for DevOps
[Ministry of Testing] Test.bash(); is next week!
[TestProject] Tester’s Month Story – A Complete Guide To Set Up Charles Proxy In Any QA Environment
[Gurock Quality Hub] Agile Needs a Whole-Team Approach to Testing
[Random Tech Thoughts] IT for green construction – two worlds and one
[Nicky Tests Software] Are we talking about the same thing?
[Dev Tester] The Importance of Maintaining Your Automated Tests
[Applitools] The Best Test Automation Framework Is…
[TestSheepNZ] An office space to call home...
[DevelopSense Blog] Experience Report: mabl Trainer and runner, and related features
[Nicky Tests Software] Coming up with a device testing strategy
[Hiccupps] Fix The Right Bugs
[Evil Tester] Fiddler Notes and UseCases
[Hiccupps] But It Does Depend
[Tooth of the Weasel] Five for Friday – October 15, 2021
[Rafaela Azevedo] Blockchain Tests Workshop at The National Software Testing Conference
[TestProject] Selenium 4 Is Officially Released!
[Testhead] Listen to the QA Summit 2021 After Party (The Testing Show, Episode 106)
[Derk-Jan de Grood] Next week …Agile Tour London
[Ministry of Testing] New 99 Minute Workshops released for November
[Testhead] The Genius of Offering an Ecosystem (25 for One?!!)
[Gurock Quality Hub] Managing Test Cases for Payment Systems
[Beth The Tester's Tales] A simple guide to upgrading to Selenium 4.0
[KingaTest] The Tester will not leverage the quality of your project
[TestProject] SQL 101– The Ultimate Guide For QAs
[Nicky Tests Software] Why diversity matters (to me)
[TechBeacon App Dev & Testing] How to do DevOps without increasing your carbon footprint
[Testhead] The Do's and Don'ts of Accessibility with @mkltesthead (#PNSQC2021 Follow Up Blog)
[Ministry of Testing] 30 Days of Tools - Community Roundup #3
[Louise Gibbs - Software Tester] Encouraging Tool Investment (#30DaysOfTools – Day 12)
[Applitools] How to Automate Gesture Testing with Appium
[TestProject] Tester’s Month Story – Test Automation Myth Busters
[TestProject] Tester’s Month Story – When One Door Closes Another One Opens
[DevelopSense Blog] To Go Deep, Start Shallow
[Testhead] Mental Fitness is the X-Factor with Julie Wong (#PNSQC2021 Live Blog)
[Testhead] GUI Test Automation for EDA Software with @rituwalia20 (#PNSQC2021 Live Blog)
[Testhead] Orchestrating your Testing Process with @joelmonte (#PNSQC2021 Live Blog)
[Testhead] Managing Mission-critical Products in Flight (Literally!) with Ben Berry (#PNSQC2021 Live Blog)
[Testhead] The Testing Team Have Requirements Too with Moira Tuffs (#PNSQC2021 Live Blog)
[A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball] Three Stories Leading Into Exploratory Testing
[Testhead] Let Newman drive Postman to REST with @ChristinaThalay (#PNSQC2021 Live Blog)
[Testhead] Exploratory Testing Driven by Mind Maps with @claubs_uy (#PNSQC2021 Live Blog)
[Testhead] Day Two Now Underway: Built-In Quality (#PNSQC2021 Live Blog)
[TechBeacon App Dev & Testing] 6 critical mistakes guaranteed to delay your software releases
[Dev Tester] 3 Ways to NOT Guide Towards Test Automation
[Derk-Jan de Grood] Communication on the moon
[Derk-Jan de Grood] When you should not buy it ! An interview in the SQS Newsflash October 2021
[TestProject] Gray Box Testing – The New Normal?
[Testhead] Model Based Testing – Shifting Right into the Real World (#PNSQC2021 Live Blog)
[Testhead] Building Your Software Tester Survival Guide (#PNSQC2021 Live Blog)
[Testhead] Is There Room for Test Strategy in Agile? (#PNSQC2021 Live Blog)
[Testhead] Soft Skills of Automation (#PNSQC2021 Live Blog)
[Testhead] Crafting a Quality Organization Through POC’s (#PNSQC2021 Live Blog)
[Testhead] Simplify Your Life With Static Testing (#PNSQC2021 Live Blog)
[Testhead] We are Underway (#PNSQC2021 Live Blog)
[Louise Gibbs - Software Tester] How to generate a list of 100 random words (#30DaysOfTools – Day 11)
[Nicky Tests Software] Choosing what not to write automated tests for
[avid Mello] Reviewing SwitchBot door contact and motion sensor home automation
[Rhythm of Testing] Cowboys, Westerns and Making Software
[Tales of a fellow tester] Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
[avid Mello] What to Buy your Model Y
[Random Tech Thoughts] Visualising music
[Bug Hunter Sam] Building wealth
[Simply The Test] Against Critical Thinking
[Tooth of the Weasel] Five for Friday – October 8, 2021
[QualityWorks] Choosing the right Tools and Frameworks for your Test Automation
[Ministry of Testing] 30 Days of Tools - Community Roundup #2
[Louise Gibbs - Software Tester] Staying Tool Aware (#30DaysOfTools – Day 6)
[Hiccupps] Parklife!
[Ministry of Testing] Three Reasons to Register for Test.bash();
[Louise Gibbs - Software Tester] The Unfortunate Misunderstanding of Record and Playback (#30DaysOfTools Day 5)
[Enjoy testing] The game of right questions
[Derk-Jan de Grood] It was like holding a crystal ball!?
[Louise Gibbs - Software Tester] Evaluating Test Tools (#30DaysOfTools – Day 3)
[TestProject] Tester’s Month Story – TestProject Test Case Execution
[Gurock Quality Hub] When Should a Production Docker Container Be Different From a Tested Docker Container?
[Applitools] Quality Leadership: Risk Analysis as Quality Advocacy
[Louise Gibbs - Software Tester] What is a Testing Tool? (#30DaysOfTools – Day 2)
[Louise Gibbs - Software Tester] The Benefits of Test Automation Tools to Testing (#30DaysOfTools – Day 1)
[TestProject] Tester’s Month Story – Tips And Tricks For Automation Using Postman
[Random Tech Thoughts] Using tools in interesting ways (tool hacking)
[TechBeacon App Dev & Testing] Is bad test data killing DevOps?
[Dev Tester] Guide Your Team Towards Test Automation
[Ministry of Testing] 30 Days of Tools - Community Roundup #1
[TestProject] Tester’s Month Story – Traditional Full-Blown Performance Testing
[Stories from a Software Tester] Testing Like It Was 1980
[Seaside Testing] Contributing to Open Source – Getting Started
[Adventures in Automation] Long time no hear!
[Hiccupps] #SomeEstimates
[Derk-Jan de Grood] Full circle of Test Automation
[Tooth of the Weasel] Five for Friday – October 1, 2021
[Ministry of Testing] Welcome to Day 1 of 30 Days of Tools
[Derk-Jan de Grood] “The waves of Agile” listed on the AgileAlliance site
[Applitools] How AI Can Help Address Modern Software Testing
[imalittletester] My articles published in September
[TechBeacon App Dev & Testing] World Quality Report 2021-22: 8 key takeaways for your software team
[Ministry of Testing] Dive into the New Ministry of Testing Tools Directory
[Is There A Problem Here?] Wherefore Art Thou Submit Button?
[Gurock Quality Hub] 7 Browser Tricks to Aid in Your Testing
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[Gurock Quality Hub] Are Your Test Cases Really Effective?
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[Is it good enough yet?] The Role of a Quality Coach
[Random Tech Thoughts] Brains, tools, chess and programming
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[KingaTest] The impostor syndrome
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[DevelopSense Blog] Exact Instructions vs. Social Competence
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[Simply The Test] Making Poetry: Why I Like Poetry over Pipenv
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[Hiccupps] Be a Quality Detector
[TestProject] Software Testing Heuristics
[Georgia Tests] Defining what quality means for you
[Emna Ayadi] Testbash Home INTERVIEW with participants
[AnElaborationOfCarbon] Terror, Erebus, Exploration & Testing
[imalittletester] My series of Maven related articles is out now
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[Elizabeth Zagroba: Software Tester] Complete the Main Quest First
[Jonathan Kohl] Dealing with the Business Neg
[Think Like a Tester] The Quality Maturity Model
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[Tooth of the Weasel] Five for Friday – July 2, 2021
[Jesper Lindholt Ottosen] Conway’s Law for Test Automation?
[The SpecFlow BDD Blog] BDD: Before You Begin (Part 1/2)
[Applitools] How to Maintain High Quality Design Systems with Storybook by Leveraging Visual AI
[The QA Connection Blog] Automation Test Strategy Pt 3 – What Should You Automate?
[Nicky Tests Software] Feedback: Solicited vs Unsolicited
[A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball] Learning while Testing
[Derk-Jan de Grood] Unboxing my new book: The waves of agile
[Assert.This] Testing Webhooks with JS
[Gurock Quality Hub] Remote Culture: Host a Virtual Company Event
[Derk-Jan de Grood] The books arrived: The waves of Agile
[Quality Bits] “Slopey Shoulders” and Improv’s Advice for Tech Teams
[A Seasoned Tester's Crystal Ball] Social Programming Approaches
[Mindful tester] DRY or Don’t Repeat Yourself in test automation – part 1
[Random Tech Thoughts] Confusing user value with other things
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[TestProject] GitHub Integration with TestProject for Seamless Version Control and CI
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[Evil Tester] Claude Shannon on Creative Thinking Strategies
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[Software Testing - a Sisyphean Task?] Exploratory Hypothesis Testing
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[The Test Tribe] Interviewing our FailQonf Speaker Anuj Magazine | Take Risks, Sincerity, Never be Shy
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[Markus Gärtner's blog] Troubling vs. Nurturing Organizations
[Google Testing Blog] How Much Testing is Enough?
[The Test Tribe] As we round up FailQonf: A story of Failebration
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[Applitools] A Comprehensive Guide to Testing and Automating Data Analytics Events on Web & Mobile
[Random Tech Thoughts] The cost of flexibility
[testwithnishi] Read Along – ‘The Effortless Experience’- Chapter 7
[TestProject] What Problem Are You Trying To Solve?
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[Derk-Jan de Grood] Launching my new book: The waves of Agile
[Is it good enough yet?] Coaching Testers vs. Developers
[Knightly Builds] How to get Product Panagement Stuff Done in the Face of an Endless Barrage of Other Demands and Firefighting Activities
[Tooth of the Weasel] Five for Friday – June 11, 2021
[Random Tech Thoughts] CV tips
[QualityWorks] Powerful Agile Questions Every Product Owner Should be Asking
[Louise Gibbs - Software Tester] Visual Facilitation and Sketchnote Workshop (7th April 2021)
[Hiccupps] The OK in OKRs
[Ministry of Testing] Launching the Learn Timeline Page
[The SpecFlow BDD Blog] Improving Gherkin Specs with SpecFlow Step Argument Transformations
[The SpecFlow BDD Blog] Gherkin Conventions for Readable Specifications
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[Bug Hunter Sam] Writing blog posts
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[Hiccupps] Speaking Out
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[jperala.fi] Make side projects that matter
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[Yogita Lad] Day 5 - Identify different types of ecommerce business classifications/models
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