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Latest news from the data science blogs.

[Mozart Data Blog] My Journey to Mozart Data
[KDnuggets] Predicting Cryptocurrency Prices Using Regression Models
[Databricks] How to Monitor Streaming Queries in PySpark
[DataMites] Is Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Demand in Hong Kong?
[Analytics India Magazine] Allen Institute for AI introduces new benchmark for computer vision models
[KDnuggets] The Definitive Guide To Switching Your Career Into Data Science
[Analytics India Magazine] PayPal to have over 800 job openings in India: Chandramouliswaran V
[Dataversity] The Rise of the Semantic Layer
[Dataversity] A Data Recovery Secret That’s (Really) Ransomware-Proof
[Seattle Data Guy]  How To Build a Data-Based Business Strategy in 2022
[Analytics India Magazine] How to improve time series forecasting accuracy with cross-validation?
[Mozart Data Blog] What Companies Get Wrong About the Equation of the Business
[KDnuggets] Top Posts May 16-22: The 6 Python Machine Learning Tools Every Data Scientist Should Know About
[Databricks] Guide to Retail & Consumer Goods at Data + AI Summit 2022
[KDnuggets] Free Workshop on AI Quality, Back By Popular Demand
[KDnuggets] Data Science Projects That Will Land You The Job in 2022
[InData Labs] Customer experience statistics 2022 for business owners
[DataRobot AI Cloud] Automating Model Risk Compliance: Model Validation
[DataMites] What is the Salary for Python Developer in India?
[KDnuggets] The Complete Collection of Data Science Books – Part 2
[Analytics India Magazine] Build and deploy your first ML model with Dataiku
[Analytics India Magazine] Splunk bets big on India
[Dataversity] How to Become a DataOps Engineer
[Dataversity] How to Leverage Machine Learning to Identify Data Errors in a Data Lake
[Analytics India Magazine] India’s aspirations to make its data public
[Data Science Central] 10 Best Practices For Data Science
[KDnuggets] Understanding Agent Environment in AI
[KDnuggets] Data Science, Statistics and Machine Learning Dictionary
[Analytics India Magazine] Guide to starting a career as a freelance data scientist
[DataMites] How much is Artificial Intelligence altering the Retail and E-commerce Industries?
[Analytics India Magazine] Build your first text-to-image searcher with TensorFlow Lite Model Maker
[KDnuggets] KDnuggets News, May 25: The 6 Python Machine Learning Tools Every Data Scientist Should Know About; The Complete Collection of Data Science Books
[Data Science Central] Python Book Goodies and Apache Arrow
[Data Science Central] Why You Need an Augmented Data Integration Tool
[Data Science Central] Is an AI Autumn Around the Corner?
[Data Science Central] Pros And Cons of AI In Manufacturing
[Dataversity] Aligning Data Architecture and Data Strategy
[Dataversity] Logistics, Data, and AI: Key Learnings from the Pandemic
[Analytics India Magazine] Power BI users can now integrate dashboards into Powerpoint
[Analytics India Magazine] Unboxing GANs with Milind Jadhav, Lead Data Scientist at Fractal
[Databricks] Invest in your career at Data + AI Summit! Get 75% off certifications.
[Data Science Central] Top Ways in Which Data Science Improves E-Commerce Sales
[Databricks] ARC Uses a Lakehouse Architecture for Real-time Data Insights That Optimize Drilling Performance and Lower Carbon Emissions
[Databricks] Detecting Stale, Missing, Corrupted, and Anomalous Data in Your Lakehouse With Databricks and Anomalo
[Data Science Central] Russian Troll Detection By Their Tweets
[Databricks] Arcuate – Machine Learning Model Exchange With Delta Sharing and MLflow
[KDnuggets] 7 Unique Skills That Set Data Scientists Apart From Other Professions
[Data Science Central] Importance of Fearlessness to Exploit the Potential of AI
[InData Labs] Importance of AI in the corporate world
[DataMites] Is Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Demand in the USA?
[Counting Stuff] We should phase the "SQL Interview" out
[KDnuggets] 3 Reasons Why Teamwork is an Essential Skill in Data Science
[Analytics India Magazine] First-ever conference on data engineering wraps up | Watch the sessions now on-demand!
[Analytics India Magazine] Build your first feature store with Feast
[Analytics India Magazine] Quick way to find p, d and q values for ARIMA
[Dataversity] Advances in Data Warehouses
[Analytics India Magazine] How this Gurugram based startup turns e-commerce sites into a visual treat
[Dataversity] 12 Benefits of Data Sharing via APIs
[LittleMissData] My Experience with the Chief Data Officer Certificate at Carnegie Mellon
[Dataversity] RWDG Slides: Data Governance Roles and Responsibilities
[Dataversity] RWDG Webinar: Data Governance Roles and Responsibilities
[DataRobot AI Cloud] AI Applications for Border Transportation
[Analytics India Magazine] Maruti picks up 12% stake in visual AI platform Sociograph Solutions
[KDnuggets] Top Jobs and Salaries in Data Science in 2022
[DataMites] Is Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Demand in Indonesia?
[KDnuggets] Pydon’ts – Write elegant Python code: Free Book Review
[Analytics India Magazine] CRED’s scaling up strategy during IPL
[Dataversity] The Evolution of Data Virtualization: From Data Integration to Data Management
[Analytics India Magazine] India’s apparent mockery of VPN
[Analytics India Magazine] Mapping platform Nextbillion.ai raises USD 21 mn in Series B
[Dataversity] Most U.S. Companies Still Not Prepared for GDPR or CCPA Compliance
[Analytics India Magazine] When remote working is a business model
[Data Science Central] Why Should the Retail Sector Move to Cloud Computing?
[Appsilon] Applying AI to nature conservation – technology helping endangered animals and combating threats to biodiversity
[Predictive Hacks] How I helped a retail Company using my Data Science skills
[Mozart Data Blog] Analyze and Visualize Your Data with Mozart Data and Metabase
[Data Science Central] Keeping Your Company’s Data Model IP
[Databricks] TD Modernizes Data Environment With Databricks to Drive Value for Its Customers
[Data Science Central] 5 Ways to Optimize Database Performance
[KDnuggets] Operationalizing Machine Learning from PoC to Production
[Databricks] Design Patterns for Real-time Insights in Financial Services
[Databricks] Five Simple Steps for Implementing a Star Schema in Databricks With Delta Lake
[KDnuggets] The 6 Python Machine Learning Tools Every Data Scientist Should Know About
[Analytics India Magazine] LTIMindtree is good. But what about their Analytics businesses?
[KDnuggets] A Comprehensive Survey on Trustworthy Graph Neural Networks: Privacy, Robustness, Fairness, and Explainability
[DataMites] What role does Artificial Intelligence play in Healthcare?
[Dataversity] Governors of Data: A Song About Data Governance
[Dataversity] 11 Enterprise AI Trends to Know
[Analytics India Magazine] Data science hiring process at DealShare
[Dataversity] Webinar: Data Warehouse or Data Lake, Which Do I Choose?
[Dataversity] Slides: Data Warehouse or Data Lake, Which Do I Choose?
[Databricks] Day In the Life of A Customer Success Engineer
[Databricks] How I Built A Streaming Analytics App With SQL and Delta Live Tables
[DataMites] Why is it Important to Learn Python?
[KDnuggets] The Complete Collection of Data Science Books – Part 1
[KDnuggets] Finding the Best IDE Software
[Analytics India Magazine] Lenskart invests USD 2 Mn in location intelligence platform GeoIQ
[Analytics India Magazine] TensorFlow v2.9 released: Major highlights
[Data Science Central] The Foundation of Data Fabrics and AI: Semantic Knowledge Graphs
[Data Science Central] Part 2: Is Data Mesh Fool’s Gold? Not if You Avoid the Traps
[Dataversity] Case Study: A Digital Transformation Success Story
[Analytics India Magazine] Cypher is back
[Dataversity] What Can Artificial Intelligence Do for Me? (Part 2)
[Analytics India Magazine] 5 methods that will not let your neural network model overfit
[KDnuggets] How to Manage Your Complex IT Landscape with AIOps
[KDnuggets] KDnuggets News, May 18: 5 Free Hosting Platform For Machine Learning Applications; Data Mesh Architecture: Reimagining Data Management
[DataMites] Is Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Demand in the Philippines?
[KDnuggets] 5 Ways to Double Your Income with Data Science
[Analytics India Magazine] The dazzling ascent of Hugging Face
[Analytics India Magazine] How to detect and treat outliers in categorical data?
[Analytics India Magazine] Looking for a break in AI & ML? These companies are offering internships
[Analytics India Magazine] ICML is turning down papers by the dozen. And researchers are pissed
[Dataversity] Fundamentals of Digital Twins
[Analytics India Magazine] India’s bilateral collaborations to drive tech innovation
[Dataversity] What Role Does the Mainframe Play in Today’s Data-Driven Landscape?
[Analytics India Magazine] Join Intel® oneAPI Workshop to learn Advanced SYCL Concepts for Heterogeneous Computing*
[Analytics India Magazine] Build and deploy your first real-time dashboard with Streamlit
[Analytics India Magazine] Analytics & Data Science Jobs in India 2022 — By AIM & Imarticus Learning
[KDnuggets] Top Posts May 9-15: Decision Tree Algorithm, Explained
[Databricks] Build Scalable Real-time Applications on the Lakehouse Using Confluent & Databricks, Part 2
[KDnuggets] Search is Fundamental
[Databricks] Reduce Time to Decision With the Databricks Lakehouse Platform and Latest Intel 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable Processors
[InData Labs] Simple guide on neural network in artificial intelligence
[KDnuggets] 6 Soft Skills for Data Scientists Working Remotely
[DataMites] Is Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Demand in Pakistan?
[Analytics India Magazine] Google’s new attempt to address bias complaints
[Analytics India Magazine] IIT Kharagpur develops ML model for accurate prediction of crystalline material properties
[Counting Stuff] Let's talk a bit about giving interviews
[KDnuggets] Should The Data Warehouse Be Immutable?
[Analytics India Magazine] I don’t think no code is that friendly yet: Acies Techworks’ Muzammil Patel
[Analytics India Magazine] Is quantum computing primed for mainstream?
[Analytics India Magazine] I consider myself an accidental data scientist: Viacom18 Media’s Anubhav Srivastava
[Dataversity] Integrating a Data Governance Program in Your Organization
[Analytics India Magazine] 5 conditions when the ARIMA model should be avoided
[Dataversity] IT Service Management Trends and Challenges
[Analytics India Magazine] How to use the Chi-Square Test for two categorical variables?
[Dataversity] ADV Webinar: Data Architecture Best Practices for Advanced Analytics
[Dataversity] ADV Slides: Data Architecture Best Practices for Advanced Analytics
[KDnuggets] Popular Machine Learning Algorithms
[Analytics India Magazine] Microsoft launches Open Data for Society
[DataMites] What is Python Programming?
[KDnuggets] Reinforcement Learning for Newbies
[Analytics India Magazine] Did Google just demo a successor to Google Glass?
[Analytics India Magazine] CISCE to introduce robotics, AI, ML and data science curriculum, teams up with IIT-Delhi
[Analytics India Magazine] This step by Google just made its tensor chip so ‘important’
[Analytics India Magazine] NITI Aayog launches the National Data & Analytics Platform, makes data accessible to public
[Dataversity] A Beginner’s Guide to Data Modeling and Analytics
[Analytics India Magazine] What happened to IBM’s spun off IT services business Kyndryl?
[Dataversity] Data Projects Should Start with Data Governance
[Analytics India Magazine] Interview with Pedro Domingos, the inventor of Markov Logic Network
[Analytics India Magazine] How this physicist became a data scientist: Story of Kaggle Grandmaster Laura Fink
[Analytics India Magazine] Is NLP innovating faster than other domains of AI
[Data Science Central] Why Gato from Deepmind is a game changer
[Analytics India Magazine] Automating model parallelism with just one line of code
[Analytics India Magazine] How Neurocompositional computing results in a new generation of AI systems
[Analytics India Magazine] Exponential smoothing vs Moving average for time series forecasting
[Analytics India Magazine] Independent Component Analysis vs Principal Component Analysis
[Analytics India Magazine] What’s Generative Insertion Transformer?
[KDnuggets] The Curse of Delayed Performance
[KDnuggets] Centroid Initialization Methods for k-means Clustering
[DataMites] Is Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Demand in Canada?
[KDnuggets] oBERT: Compound Sparsification Delivers Faster Accurate Models for NLP
[Analytics India Magazine] DeepMind’s multi-tasking, generalist model Gato that can do it all
[KDnuggets] The “Hello World” of Tensorflow
[Analytics India Magazine] Intel reveals Gaudi 2 AI training engine to challenge NVIDIA
[Analytics India Magazine] Protected Computing, password-free future, virtual credit cards and other privacy announcements at Google I/O
[Dataversity] Don’t Put Off Unstructured Data Risk Reduction
[Dataversity] Today’s Decentralized World: Driving a Shift in Three Key Paradigms for Data Management
[Analytics India Magazine] How to build a robust ML model using Curriculum learning?
[Analytics India Magazine] How to make a time series stationary? 
[Analytics India Magazine] USEReady receives growth capital from Abry Partners
[Analytics India Magazine] Council Post: The importance of organisational structure from an AI & data science perspective
[Data Science Central] Common Sense Machine Learning
[Dataversity] DataEd Webinar: Key Elements of a Successful Data Governance Program
[Dataversity] DataEd Slides: Key Elements of a Successful Data Governance Program
[KDnuggets] Deep Learning For Compliance Checks: What’s New?
[KDnuggets] Can We Query a Table with T5?
[Analytics India Magazine] How AI is used in filmmaking
[KDnuggets] 5 Free Hosting Platform For Machine Learning Applications
[DataMites] AI Engineer in Kochi – Job Opportunities, Salary, Course Fee
[Analytics India Magazine] Quantum computers vs supercomputers: How do they differ?
[InData Labs] Customer feedback analytics solutions & AI for actionable insights
[Analytics India Magazine] A guide to clustering with OPTICS using PyClustering
[Analytics India Magazine] When does a neural network fail to converge? 
[Dataversity] Digital Transformation Best Practices
[Analytics India Magazine] Top Q and A forums for AI and ML practitioners
[Dataversity] Cloud Data Management Challenges and Best Practices
[Analytics India Magazine] Tech to transcendence: Tredence journey towards becoming an AI & data science powerhouse
[Analytics India Magazine] Council Post: How businesses can use AI to be more proactive than reactive
[Analytics India Magazine] Behind IISc researchers’ 3D printed gloves for rehabilitating stroke patients
[Analytics India Magazine] Google unveils the world’s largest publicly available machine learning hub
[KDnuggets] Top 4 tricks for competing on Kaggle and why you should start
[DataMites] Artificial Intelligence In Media and Entertainment Industries?
[KDnuggets] Create Efficient Combined Data Sources with Tableau
[Analytics India Magazine] Behind Karnataka Bank’s digital transformation
[KDnuggets] Data Mesh Architecture: Reimagining Data Management
[Analytics India Magazine] Intel announces 7 new 12th Gen Intel Core HX mobile processors
[Analytics India Magazine] Can Google’s LiT outperform OpenAI’s CLIP at image classification?
[KDnuggets] KDnuggets News, May 11: SQL Notes for Professionals; How To Structure a Data Science Project
[Analytics India Magazine] Top GitHub libraries for building explainable AI models